Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gluten Free - Day 1/90: 89 days to go!

Here it is, my very first day of being gluten free, and yes, I've already discovered where I can find gluten free bakery items. Enter Eden's Market in Mt. Lebanon, who carries a wide range of gluten free products AND they get a weekly delivery from a gluten free bakery in Ligonier.

Breakfast - 3 egg whites and a turkey sausage with 1/2 portion of sharp cheddar melted on top, a few grape tomatoes, and some cut up watermelon.

  •  This was simple. It's pretty much what I have every morning but without the bread or wrap.
Lunch - Eat n Park's Grilled Chicken Salad without fries or croutons with some ranch on the side.
  • Nick ordered the Bananas Foster French Toast, which, admittedly, looked pretty yummy, but my salad was filling and tasty as well so I was okay. 
Snack -  A gala apple
  • Hooray for a naturally gluten free food!
Dinner - 1 all beef hot dog, small Caesar salad, 1/2 ear of corn, and 2 deviled egg halves plus my sweet treat from Eden's Market for dessert.
  • We had hosted a picnic the day before where my Dad and youngest sister (both Gluten free) were in attendance, so I had leftovers from that. The sweet treat was DIVINE! 

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