Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gluten Free - Day 4/90 - 86 days to go

Another day and another gluten free recipe. This one was courtesy of Real Simple.

Breakfast - 3 egg whites mixed with spinach, grape tomatoes, and an apple

Lunch - Chipolte burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, steak, salsa and lettuce.

  • Ok, I *know* that I just had Chipolte for the first time YESTERDAY, but I have a reasonable explanation for why I had it again. See, it is a rare occasion for me to have a day off from watching kids and this happened to be one of those days. I decided to run down in Oakland and meet the hubby for lunch. We agreed to meet at a place I had seen online called the Red Oak Cafe. Urbanspoon had them listed as gluten free friendly. Well, we went in and I asked about my options. They said any of their sandwiches could be made gluten free but when I asked about what kind of bread they used, the guy just kind of stared at me and then went to the back and brought out a bag of Udi's bread. As I surveyed the scene, it didn't look like they had separate areas for the gluten free items so I decided that cross contamination was too much of a risk and we walked out. And of course, right across the street there was a Chipolte *wink*
Dinner -  Chicken breast, applesauce, and zucchini with quinoa stuffing.

Snack - Cheesy bacon dip and apple slices
  • I went to a craft night at a friend's house where we were making wine bottle vases. I had brought the cheesy bacon dip so I knew I was safe with that. I would have brought along some gluten free crackers too but the hostess had mentioned that she would have veggies for dipping. Unfortunately, there were no veggies so I just ate it plain. And someone had brought sliced apples so I was able to eat those. 
  • There were brownies on the table that looked DIVINE but I didn't want to have to restart my 90 days so I just looked the other way. 

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