Saturday, November 2, 2013


So, ummmmm....I know I was really gung ho about Whole30 and how it was going to heal my gut, but well...ummmmm... on Friday night, I kinda sorta ummmmm.... cheated.

Let me paint this scene for you. We went my friend's 40th Birthday party at 7pm. I had a very lovely dinner before we left - Plenty of food, I thought, to fill me up for the evening. I brought my contribution of a tomato basil salad and figured that I could munch on that if I got hungry. We got there and on the table were soooooo many tempting foods and drinks, but I stayed strong. I grabbed a bottle of water and just avoided the food. I also didn't have any wine, which I normally would have had a glass or two.

We decided to play a fun game called "The Game of Things". If you haven't played this, do it. Especially in a crowd of drunk people. And also with some of your best friends. Who aren't afraid to speak their mind. And be crass. And make fun of each other. It's HYSTERICAL!

At the end of the game, we put on music and started dancing. When I say that I danced my a$$ off, I am SERIOUS. I was dancing like I was drunk - but I wasn't. I was stone sober and still managing to have a blast. But, as you know, exercise makes you hungry. The more I danced, the better and better the food started to look.

Finally, at about 11pm, I cracked. I couldn't have much of the food due to the gluten in it but I *could* have the pepperoni pizza dip. But, it was very clearly not Whole30 compliant as it was COVERED in cheese. I told my husband that I was going to eat it, halfway hoping he would stop me but he didn't so I dived in. Luckily for me and for my stomach, there wasn't much left so I didn't have a huge portion or anything but man, it was YUMMY!

I waited afterward, thinking that my stomach was going to rebel against me, but it didn't. I felt fine. And my hunger had been satisfied.

Ok, I thought, that was no big deal. It was just some cheese. I'll continue with Whole30 tomorrow....


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