Tuesday, July 2, 2013

They say it's your birthday.

Happy birthday to me!!!!

I woke up in the morning and pretty much ran to the dining room, expecting to see a cupcake waiting for me. Nothing. I opened up the fridge. Nope. Checked near the computer. Negative.  I, then, searched the entire house and came up empty. No biggie, I thought, I really don't *need* the cupcake...

From that point on, my day went on as normal - no real indication of birthday-ness, except for the constant Facebook love I received from family, friends, neighbors, former classmates, and even an ex-boyfriend. I did a Turbo Fire HIIT DVD, took the older kids to playground camp, went to the park with two other children that I was watching and visited a library story time in the early afternoon. 

When hubby came home, I was beyond thrilled to see that he had brought home a couple of cupcakes from Vanilla Pastry Studio. We ate dinner and then I scarfed down BOTH cupcakes. Sure, I could have shared them but he insisted they were for me...

Then, the guilt set in. Here I was, pigging out on craploads of sugar and I hadn't even run that day. I seriously wiped the chocolate off of my mouth, put on my Garmin and music and headed out the door. I hit the hills HARD and was panting by the end of mile 1. I could also feel the cupcakes in my belly creeping back up by that point and they weren't tasting as good the second time around. I slowed down a bit and walked a few of the insane hills but for the most part, kept my pace reasonable. I hit 3.4 miles in front of my house but decided I should go for 3.6 since it was my 36th birthday. After a quick up and back, I came inside and had to get ready for my planned movie outing immediately. 

Yup, that's me in all of my sweaty 36 year old glory.

All in all, it ended up being a really nice day, despite a bit of craziness. I'm ready to start out another year of my life! 36 feels better than 26, believe it or not....

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