Friday, July 26, 2013


Remember how my neck was hurting on Tuesday and Wednesday? Well, dumbie me decided to go ahead and run my 2.5 miles of speed work plus some time on the ARC trainer. On Wednesday night, I got a massage then walked 4 miles with friends. I was feeling pretty decent until....

Thursday morning. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I woke up and thought that my neck must have been pretty much healed so I headed to the gym to run my 5 miles. When I got there, I realized I had left my cell phone in the van so I trotted outside to get it. All of the sudden, my shoulder and neck seized up. The pain was unbelievable. Still in denial, I got on the treadmill and attempted to run. Not happening. So, I then attempted to walk and made it a mile and a half before tears started rolling down my face.

I got some ice from the folks at the front desk and sat for awhile. Of course, the ice made it even tighter and it got so bad that I could barely walk out of the gym. After I got home and got the kids some lunch, I laid down. Well, that was a big mistake because then, I couldn't move. Literally. I tried for 45 minutes to roll to my side to no avail.

After making a few desperate calls to friends to see if anyone had muscle relaxers, I called my doctor. She called a prescription in for me and a friend of mine picked it up and brought it over. Sadly, it didn't kill the pain at all so we headed to ER as soon as my hubby got home.

I was seen immediately. The conclusion was that I had a severe cervical strain. Two shots of Dilaudid and a Valium brought me from a pain scale of 10 to about a 7.5 - 8. I headed home, with prescriptions for Valium and Vicodin.

I am off all activity for 72 hours so it's looking like I won't be doing a long run this weekend. Thank goodness that I am still early in my marathon training.

Lesson of the day - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If I had taken that Tuesday as a rest day, this may have been avoided.

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