Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shipped off to Boston

 On Independence Day, in the EARLY morning hours, we shipped off to Boston. We arrived in the city at Logan Airport at about noon and took a bus and then a train to the closest station to our hotel. Unfortunately, it was still close to a mile walk, carrying all the bags. At check in, we noticed the sign for their free airport shuttle. Whoopsie!

After a brief nap (read: adults slept but the kids did not), we went out to see the sights of Boston, with the highlight being the free Boston Pops concert at the Charles River Esplanade.

My little runner girl wanted to hear all about the Boston Marathon as we waited for our bus to the hotel.

Memorial for the tragedy in Boston.

Boston Strong!

It was seriously sooooooo hot out!!!!!

 We decided to forgo calling the hotel shuttle to pick us up since it was so crazy busy in the city. Instead, we walked a little over 2 miles back to the hotel. I promised the kids that we would stop for ice cream, but surprisingly, there weren't any shops along the way. We compromised with some frozen treats from the Seven-Eleven. Kids are so easily fooled...

When we got back to the hotel, I checked my FitBit and saw that we had walked 8.42 miles that day. For me, that's no biggie but for a seven and five year old, I am SUPER impressed....

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