Monday, October 28, 2013

Whole30 - Day 1

Day 1: 

For breakfast this morning, I had some DELICIOUS egg muffins with veggies and a HUGE Honeycrisp apple. I was feeling really good about my choice.

Then, at lunchtime, I decided on a salad with grilled chicken and a hard boiled egg on it. I gave myself another pat on the back for an excellent choice.

When it was time to prep dinner, I glanced at my meal schedule and saw that I had written "Triple Meat Italian Meatballs and a green salad". Since I had already had a salad for lunch, I grabbed a bag of frozen mixed veggies from the freezer and microwaved/steamed them. As I scooped them on to my plate, I remember "no legumes" and took all the green beans out, placing them on my husband's plate instead. It wasn't later that I thought to myself "Oh corn!!!!!" And, as it turns out, green beans are one of the legumes that are approved.

I'm not too upset about it because these 30 days are a learning process and I really don't think this small portion of corn is going to make or break this experience. I will not be restarting Day 1 tomorrow. Just moving on...

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  1. It's really okay :) You are doing great!!! :)