Friday, December 3, 2010

An Introduction of sorts

The pressure is on. It's my very first blog post. Being a big fan of doing this right, I googled and came up with lists about what you should include in your first blog post. The main point in the sites I saw was that this blog post will set the tone for the rest of the life of my blog. Suddenly, the exigency of having readers reading all my thoughts in cyber space made me nervous. (Hold up...did I just use the word "exigency"?! If this is setting the tone for my blog, I am going to scare away some readers, aren't I?)

During my search, I came across this site and decided to give it a go...

1 - Who you are. 

Well, that's simple. I am a Mom. I am an entertainer, caregiver, laundress extraordinaire, transportation specialist, "snot catcher", kisser of boo boos, butt wiper, teacher, maid, PB&J specialist, toy assembler, stylist, book reader, personal shopper, and much more. I am my children's best friend on some days and worst enemy on others.

But... I am not *just* a Mom. I am also a woman. I enjoy scrapbooking, working out, watching movies, spending time with my hubby, going out for dinner, dancing, karaoke, running, and texting/talking on the phone. (I also like long walks on the beach and seeing the sunset but that would have sounded too much like a ad, wouldn't it?)

2 - Why you are blogging.

Hmmmmmm, that's a toughie. I suppose my main reason is to help motivate others. I've had several friends mention that I am "motivational" and "uplifting" so I am hoping to do that for my readers. Please let me know if this disease called "motivation" is contagious, ok?

3 - What will you be blogging about.

I'll be blogging about ways to get into or stay in shape. I am hoping that, by sharing stories of my own struggles, you will learn to avoid, deal with, and/or rise above yours.  I would like my readers to get involved by sharing their own experiences. There is a lot of good information out there but it would take my lifetime to go through it all. By hearing from someone who has actually tried and failed or better yet, accomplished something, we can all learn together.

4 - How I can leave feedback.

Comments are always welcome. You can also find me on Facebook. My fan page can be found here and my business page can be found here.

Well, that was easier than I thought. Now, I wait and see if anyone actually reads this thing....

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