Thursday, December 9, 2010


Are you pumped?!?!? I remember when I first made the decision to lose weight, I participated in a weight loss challenge. It was a great way to keep myself accountable. Let's kick off 2011 with a Fitness Challenge.

Motivational Mama's Fitness Challenge will run for 10 weeks. The categories are "Highest Percentage of Weight Lost", "Highest Number of Inches Lost" and "Most Miles". Sometime before December 31st, you need to do 3 things:

1. Take a before pic. Preferably, this would be in workout gear, a bathing suit, or topless (for the guys only, please!) I find it helpful to take them from a few angles. Try front, side, rear, and of course, a muscle pose. Believe me, you will be thankful you took them. (Note:  I did not WANT to have my "before" pic taken but it has served me well now.)

2. Weigh in and take measurements. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can find a printable one here or pick one up at WalMart, JoAnn Fabrics, Target, etc. You will want to measure your:

*Waist (wherever it clinches in or at the bellybutton - doesn't matter just keep it consistent throughout.)
*Hips (at the widest part)
*One thigh (measure around on the part that is 6 inches above your knee)

Note: If this is what you look like while measuring, get out of this challenge now...LOL!

3. Send in your money, weight, inches, and pictures to me. (Note: I WILL NOT be sharing numbers or pictures unless you ask me to do so) To get in on the fun, it is $10. That is $1 per week. In comparison to the $13 per week you'd spend at Weight Watchers, it's an AMAZING deal! I don't want to post my physical address on the blog, so contact me  for that information. You can email me at motivationalmom at gmail dot com or through Facebook.

Each Friday, you will need to submit your weight, inches total (just add all 3 numbers), and total miles for the week to me. Running, jogging, walking, and elliptical all count. Biking counts for 50% so if you bike 3 miles, you would count for 1.5 miles. Elliptical and stair stepping machines count for one mile per fifteen minutes, if there is no display. These numbers are due by Saturday morning at 9am EST. I will calculate and announce weekly winners on the Motivational Mama Facebook Page by Monday. Again, I won't be sharing actual numbers so it will be ____% lost not mentioning how many pounds are associated with the percentage.

Throughout the weeks, everyone is invited to send me questions. I will answer personal ones directly but if it's something the whole group would benefit from learning, I will share it on my blog or Facebook group.

The final weigh in will be on March 11th. At that point, you will take an "after" pic and send it in. Weigh ins etc are on the honor system but I do reserve the right to drive, fly, or take a boat to your house to check up on your progress. Prizes will be given for the 3 categories mentioned. Participation will determine the prizes but I can promise you they will be FABULOUS!

As most of you know, I am working on my Personal Trainer Certification now, so I just want to post a disclaimer that I am not a fitness professional at this point. I am also not a doctor (insert shocked faces here) so please be sure to check in with yours if you have any concerns about your ability to exercise in any way.


  1. I am interested in participating...however, I know I'll be traveling with my whole fam to Texas the 3rd week of January. What if I miss one of the submissions...I just can't guarantee that I would be able to get all the info and send it to you while I'm there. Would I still be able to participate? thanks!

  2. this sounds really fun! my friend amy posted on facebook. i think i might have to get in on this.

  3. Mommy Flick - If you shoot me a Facebook message (Maria Fruscello - on Amy's friends list), I can give you my address. :)