Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet the Reader: Nikky M.

Nikky M. is one of the participants in the Countdown to Shorts challenge We have children born around the same time and met on a message board. Even then, I was running challenges, to motivate myself as well as others.

Name: Nikky M
Age: 35
Where do you live: Connecticut
Beginning Weight: 165
Ending Weight: 157
How long between beginning and ending weights: 1 year
How many inches did you lose?: approx 5
What is your current diet: small portions, lean protein, veggies and *try* to have no sugar (very hard for a hardcore sugar addict)
What is your guilty pleasure: Candy!!
What is your typical workout: I workout typically 5 days a week and mix it up with weight training and cardio (spin, cardio step, running)
What/who is your #1 Motivator: I want to set a good example for my kids. My mom was a major yo yo dieter. She tried every single diet or piece of exercise equipment 'as seen on TV'. I'd rather instill a healthy exercise routine and healthy diet for my kids right from the get go.
Any other info you would like to be included: I have to say I've been the most frustrated with the fact that the scale barely moves for me. I'm so grateful that I took pictures so that I can see my progress on screen rather than on the scale. I wish I would have gotten a % of body fat because I'm sure that would have changed significantly. I actually have biceps now....something I've never had in my life ;)
Oh and thank you to Maria for starting these challenges in Jan 2010. That helped me get on my way :)

Congratulations Nikky and keep up the good work! 

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