Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contest Announcement: Countdown to SHORTS!!!


After seeing so much success with the last challenge, I've decided to start another. Those who already participated in the last one are invited back to continue their journey and of course, I am welcoming new faces and bodies to this fun party!

Motivational Mama's Countdown to Shorts will run from the initial weigh in/measure in the morning on Friday, April 1st to final results day on Friday, May 13th. During this time, you will be responsible for tracking three things:

1. Weight : Please try your best to use the same scale throughout the challenge. Weigh ins will be on Fridays and results are due to me by 11:59pm on that day.

2. Inches : You will measure 3 areas.

*Waist (wherever it clinches in or at the bellybutton - doesn't matter just keep it consistent throughout.)
*Hips (at the widest part)
*One thigh (measure around on the part that is 6 inches above your knee)

3. Exercise Minutes : You will be tracking how many minutes of activity you get each week. Once you see laid out on paper what you're doing, and where you're falling short, you can figure out how to pump up the volume enough to get some real health benefits. A plus side is that you get "credit" for what you're doing! There may be some questions as to what counts as exercise. Basically, anything you do that is PURPOSEFUL exercise will count for this challenge. Things that you do any way like walking up and down the stairs, laundry, household chores, etc do not count. If you are using a Body Bugg or something similar, you will only be counting the times that your heart rate is elevated and you are in a fat burning or cardio zone. If you go to the gym for an hour but spend 15 minutes of that standing around gossiping, please only count the actual time you are working out. Some examples of what counts : Running, walking briskly, fitness classes, Yoga, workout DVD's, biking, any cardio machines, weight training...

If you report your stats to me every week on time (by 11:59pm on Friday), you will be entered in a drawing to have your entry fee returned to you. This will be completely random and will be drawn by my 4 year old daughter (who is unbiased and no fair bribing her with treats...)

Sounds great, right? Here is what you need to do to enter:

Sign up and pay! Send in your money (via USPS) and weight, inches, and pictures (via email or Facebook message) to me. (Note: I WILL NOT be sharing numbers or pictures unless you ask me to do so) To get in on the fun, it is $10. That is for a 6 week challenge. In comparison to the $13 per week you'd spend at Weight Watchers, it's an AMAZING deal! I don't want to post my physical address on the blog, so contact me for that information. You can email me at motivationalmom at gmail dot com or contact me through Facebook.

Throughout the weeks, everyone is invited to send me questions. I will answer personal ones directly but if it's something the whole group would benefit from learning, I will share it on my blog or Facebook group.

Weigh ins etc are on the honor system but I do reserve the right to drive, fly, or take a boat to your house to check up on your progress. Prizes will be given for the 3 categories mentioned. Participation will determine the prizes but I can promise you they will be FABULOUS!

So, who's in???????


  1. i need motivation so i'm gonna take it from you (and mandi). :)

  2. Me! I finally found my motivation!

  3. Fine I will try again! Considering I have no shorts that fit me I would rather spend 10 to join this than a bunch of money on bigger shorts.