Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet the Reader: Heather P.

Meet Heather P.!

Heather P. participated in the last Fitness Challenge. She ended up winning a $25 gift card to Running Warehouse for logging the most miles during the 10 weeks with a total of 293.5 miles!

Name:  Heather P.

Age: 30 in one more month!

Where do you live: NJ shore (but not from NJ, I <3 NY!)

Beginning Weight: 172

Ending Weight: currently 155, but at the end of the challenge it was 158

How long between beginning and ending weights: I started 2 days after Christmas, and the end of the fitness challenge was March 11.  It's March 23 as I type this.

How many inches did you lose?: 11.5 inches

Why did you decide to participate in the challenge:  It helps me to keep accountable for things, and I think I do better if there's competition involved.  It gives me that extra oomph!  I also decided to join since I was at my highest weight ever, excluding pregnancy.  My big pants were even almost too tight to button.

What is your current diet: I've been doing all natural, minimally processed foods for a long time, but now I also really watch my portions.  When I joined's dailyplate, I noticed that I was eating 3-4x more than a portion should be.  I still enjoy a glass of wine most nights, and I'll have a small treat of dark chocolate or a cookie once or twice a week, as long as I keep my calorie count in a safe zone.  Once in a while, my daily calories go crazy high (mostly when I visit my family), but I just go back on track the next day, and never stop working out :)

What is your guilty pleasure: My morning coffee with creamer, and my glass of Shiraz after my son goes to bed. 

What is your typical workout:  I've been running 4-6 miles on my elliptical 6 days a week, and when it's nice outside I'll take a walk to my produce market, or to the park, or walk to work instead of driving, and on days my husband is home to watch my son, I can just get outside and walk or jog for 2 hours which is wonderful.  I've just added Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred to my list now too, since I've hit a plateau and I still have 10 pounds I'd like to lose.

What/who is your #1 Motivator: Myself!  I just keep telling myself I want to be a healthy (and hot) mom and wife, and I also am motivated by almost fitting into my old pants that I never thought I'd fit into again!  

Heather P. didn't think she would have a significant enough change to take before pictures. Wow, was she ever wrong! She was kind enough to recreate a pose from a picture she had on her Facebook page. You can really tell the difference in her face and arms.

 Congratulations Heather P. and keep up the AWESOME work!!!!

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