Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet the Reader: Amy F.

Amy F. participated in the last Fitness Challenge, winning a $50 Kohl's gift card for losing a whopping 16.5 inches.

Name:  Amy
Age: 39
Where do you live:  Worthington, Pa

Beginning Weight: 180

Ending Weight:  163 at end of challenge. Currently 160

How long between beginning and ending weights:  3 Months

How many inches did you lose?:  16.5

Why did you decide to participate in the challenge:  Honestly I only joined because Maria kept bugging me to.  I was not really intending to follow through with it.

What is your current diet:  I am just trying to be sensible.  I try to eat only when I'm really hungry and I've learned to stop before I'm totally stuffed.

What is your guilty pleasure: Ice Cream

What is your typical workout:  I mix it up.  I either use the treadmill or I do Jillian's Shred.  I also like to do Tae Bo or Zumba.

What/who is your #1 Motivator:  Actually being able to wear something other than Yoga pants.  I feel so much less frumpy now.

Any other info you would like to be included:  I work as a birth doula and my recovery after long births takes several days.  I'm interested to see if I recover more quickly now that I am in better shape.

Congratulations Amy F and keep up the AWESOME work!

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