Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tip of the Day

Create a workout play list.

Listening to music while exercising can keep your feet moving as well as provide some entertainment and distraction to an otherwise dull workout. Songs with a faster tempo will make you move faster, without you even knowing it's happening. I have created play lists for races ranging from a 5K to a marathon, thinking carefully about what I might be encountering at each time of my run. For example, at the time when I should be hitting a big hill, something like "Stronger" by Kanye West is set to start flowing through the headphones, reminding me that I CAN do this!

Picking songs based on BPM (beats per minute) is easy with software like this BPM Counter. Or there are sites out there, like Running Music Mix that give you some songs with the BPM listed. On my gym play list, I have a nice combination of songs with a range of tempos. One of my readers asked me to share one with you so here it is:

"I Got a Soul (But I'm Not a Soldier) - The Killers
"Forever" - Chris Brown
"Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand
"Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett
"Move Your Feet" - Junior Senior
"Stronger" - Kanye West
"Tik Tok" Ke$sha
"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstull
"Just Dance" - Lady Gaga
"Wake Up Call" - Maroon 5
"Party in the USA" - Miley Cyrus
"What a Feeling" - Peter Luts and Dominico
"The Cup of Life" - Ricky Martin
"Footloose" - Kenny Loggins
"Pump It" - Black Eyed Peas

Please share your play list too! I'd love to hear what you are listening to and what is motivating YOU...

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