Saturday, June 29, 2013

Steps Counts Count!

Remember, on Friday, when I boldly made this statement "I will come back and let you all know how many steps are taken in an average zoo trip. My guess is that today will no longer be a rest day..."???

Well, I was DEAD WRONG! After going up and down those hills of the zoo from 9:30am until about noon, my FitBit told me I had a little over 7,000 steps in for my day. Obviously, all those stops to see the animals, take some pictures, tie a few pairs of kiddie shoes, and have a picnic lunch really added up. Here are some of the photo ops that prevented me from taking more steps:

Today was a "whole 'nother story" (Ahhhhh...I can't believe I actually typed that out as it truly annoys me when people say it!). I got up and walked with friends for a little over 5 miles then went to Lowes, Giant Eagle, the car wash, Learning Express, back home, hosted a party with 8 bajillion little girls and then took the kids and their friends who were sleeping over to the park in our neighborhood to catch fireflies. And my step total was 21,151 steps and 60 flights of stairs. (Note: my neighborhood is so hilly that my FitBit assumes I am going up stairs when I walk here...)

Tomorrow is a long run day so I MUST get some sleep. Let's hope the kids are actually falling asleep while watching our rented RedBox movie as I type. Wish me luck!

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