Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Make a wellness plan. 

My days, as I am sure yours are as well, are jam packed with "to do" items, appointments, commitments, meetings, etc. Every Sunday night, as I am writing out my calendar for the upcoming week, I am often shocked by how much I have agreed to do over the next 7 days. With a schedule like this, it would be easy to put exercise and healthy eating on the back burner. But, knowing myself, I am so much happier and centered when I am working out so I refuse to let that happen.

Here is what I do to ENSURE success. I call it my "weekly wellness plan". I take out my fridge calendar which has long columns for each day. The first thing I do is write in the commitments I have already made. Then, I look at each day and determine when would be the best time to work out. Sometimes, it is at 5am. Other days, it will be a DVD workout during naps. Occasionally, I find a free evening and text my neighborhood friends to see if they would like to walk or run the hills near my house with me. In addition, I figure out which nights we will be home for dinner and what we will be eating on each night. On the days when I have an eating/drinking occasion in the evening, I make sure I can get lots of calories burned earlier in the day in anticipation of all the temptations I'll face. It is really easy once you get into the groove. 

I use a yellow highlighter to mark my workouts so they won't be missed. Let me tell you there have been many days when I meander over to the calendar at the beginning of the kids nap time and realize that I have a workout scheduled. If it wasn't on the schedule, it wouldn't get done - plain and simple. 

I literally snapped this pic of my fridge calendar just now...

Having a wellness plan helps to motivate me into exercising regularly. Seeing it all spelled out on my fridge calendar gives me a sense of focus and control. If you plan your exercise and food ahead of time, you will be likely to find success with it as well. Once you create your wellness plan, print it out and place it where you can see it everyday. Let me know if you start this or if this is something you are already doing. I am always here for you, anytime so don't hesitate to ask. 


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