Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Live and learn...

I posted on a board I frequent asking for suggestions on side dishes to serve with tonight's dinner of Tomato, Ham, and Mozzarella Ciabatta. After some going back and forth, I decided on making a fresh fruit salad. Then, someone popped on to ask why I was eating ham since it's processed.

I haven't even thought about the fact that ham was a processed form of pork. I had even gone the extra step to buy my ham from a local source. Fiscally, I was being smart by using my Easter leftovers for the first few days of this challenge. I even had some for dinner last night. Smart financial sense but a dumb move when it comes to this new journey.

I guess that is the point of the 10 day challenge though, right? To learn HOW to eat without relying on processed foods. We will still be having the ham tonight which should finish up the last of the leftovers but now that I have this new awareness, I won't be buying any more ham or deli meats.

Although I feel a bit deflated that I screwed up so early in the challenge, I am so grateful for this lesson.

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