Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wow! This is my 100th post!!!!!

In honor of this being my 100th post to this blog, I wanted to make a list of 100 reasons for *something*. Well, as you know, I am a busy Mom of 3 with a million things on my to do list each week; I decided to compromise and made a list of 50 reasons why it's great to be fit. I hope you enjoy it and thanks everyone for continuing to read this blog and for following me at Motivational Mom Personal Training on Facebook.

50 Reasons Why it's GREAT to get FIT!

1. A healthy heart
2. Increased metabolism = more energy
3. Exercise helps you to sleep better
4. You have more self confidence
5. Rise in serotonin, which keeps feelings of depression at bay
6. It's easier to find clothes that look great on you
7. Nutritious food makes you feel better overall
8. Longer life
9. Better brain function
10. Fast food becomes so undesirable that you will never be tempted to eat it
11. Your children emulate your healthy habits
12. Improved lung function
13. You can meet new friends at the gym, fitness classes, track, races, etc...
14. Endorphins make you happy
15. You'll get sick less often due to increased immunity
16. Better cholesterol numbers
17. Less likely to develop osteoarthritis or other bone conditions
18. Things in...ummm, the bedroom, are better
19. Improved productivity
20. No need for seatbelt extenders
21. No need for booths only at restaurants
22. No more shopping in the big girl stores
23. Lower heart rate
24. Reduction in anxiety
25. Never having to hear "But you've got such a pretty face..." again
26. You'll actually enjoy getting your picture taken
27. Avoid Type 2 Diabetes
28. Stroke risk reduction
29. Improved digestion
30. Brighter and healthier complexion
31. Better coordination
32. No more inner thigh chafing from them rubbing together
33. Wear one size fits all clothes
34. No more getting winded while playing with your kids
35. Stop hearing "When is the baby due?" from random clerks, bank tellers, people on the street, etc...
36. Being able to sit on someone's lap without worrying about squishing them
37. To wear cute Halloween costumes
38. Sweat is sexy
39. Bikini season is a much happier time for you
40. It feels good to be strong
41. Tank tops look better when you have muscles
42. Slower signs of aging
43. More chance that you'll survive any kind of attack
44. Easier labors for you pregnant ladies
45. Better liver function
46. No embarrassment at your high school reunion
47. 6 pack abs are sexy
48. Increased flexibility
49. The runner's high is the best feeling in the world


50. You will love your body AND it will love you back!


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