Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Tip of the Day

Dealing with Snowmageddon

Here in Western PA, we are hearing about this "Winter event" that is about to hit our area. It happens every year. 13 snowflakes fall from the sky and everyone rushes to "Gian' Iggle" to buy the 36 roll mega pack of toilet paper in case they are trapped in the house until Spring. Milk and bread are gone from the shelves and people's Facebook statuses are in constant update mode. "I heard the kids will be off school all week ... Is this ever going to stop?... I love snow! (OMG! You swore!) ... Did you get your milk, bread, and toilet paper?
Since this was in the forefront of my mind, I decided today would be an appropriate day to discuss how you don't have to miss a workout just because it's too cold to go outside and the roads are too bad to risk a trip to the gym.

First of all, it's important to recognize that, as with anything in life, the more planning you do, the higher your success rate will be but there are times when the best laid plans get sidelined by something like a snow storm, sick child, or electricity outage. Lucky me - I have had the pleasure of experiencing all three of those this week alone.

When you realize that you have to workout at home, the possibilities are endless...

1. Put on the music and DANCE!

This is the easiest one and requires no equipment except something in which to play music. Whether it's your favorite playlist or the latest CD from Elmo, just move your body and get your heart pumping. You will burn some calories and you have the added bonus of some fun, quality time with your kids or pets, if they join you.  

2. Do an Exercise video, DVD, or On Demand workout.

If given an hour I could give you a litany of workout DVD's and even some old VHS videos (yes, including Sweatin' to the Oldies - don't judge!) that I own. Though they do take up space, I find them to be quite helpful on those days when I can't get outside to run or to the gym for my usual routine. Now, it's not even necessary to own a bunch of workout videos because the On Demand feature of FiOS has such a huge selection of (Free!) workouts as well. Only have 10 minutes? Believe me, there will be a list of workouts for you to do!

3. Dust off your exercise equipment and use it.

I know some of you are using a treadmill or bike as an extra coat hanger. It's time to use that equipment for a better, healthier use. Even if you just spend 30 minutes or so walking on the treadmill, you are better off than you would be sitting on your rump, watching tv.

4. Invest in some workout gear.

There are a lot of home gym products on the market right now and many are very low cost. Try some hand weights, a medicine ball, resistance bands, or even a Shake weight (See SNL skit here - not for kids eyes).

5. Use your own body weight.

When you don't own any fancy equipment, you can still get in a workout using your own body weight with Yoga or Pilates moves. Not sure where to begin? Try the ABC's of Yoga or Pilates for Beginners.

As I have been writing, the snow hasn't stopped so I am off to take my own advice and get in a solid workout right in the comfort of my own home. Now, if I could just find my exercise ball....

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  1. I think people around here are scared more than usual this year. Giant Eagle was crazy yesterday and the roads are already OK enough if you really need the toilet paper.